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Liberty PlugIns is dedicated to providing easy-to-use, low cost, flexible EV charging systems for shared parking areas. Whether you simply want to limit access to EV-charging, or whether you want to bill for energy usage, review reports and implement utility Demand Response programs… from simple to complex, Liberty PlugIns has your EV charging solution.

Liberty PlugIns is constantly exploring new and emerging standards and methods (like OpenADR that provides a standardized interface for utility demand response programs) to find creative ways to eliminate unnecessary complexity and costs from your EV charging system.

Solution for anyone installing or upgrading electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Liberty's hydra system provides a single point of control for monitoring the access usage costs and carbon footprint for multiple charging connections. The hydra system can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device to allow any operator of electric vehicle charging stations the ability to monitor their entire charging operation. Moreover, Liberty's system is vehicle-to-grid friendly meaning it can enable charging at the best time of the day or night and will have the ability to push electricity back to the grid during peak periods or to provide local backup power during outages.

Liberty's Hydra for centralized monitoring and control of electric vehicle charging for your workplace, business or property.

We are able to allow your employees to use the same hid or other access control cards, fobs and apps that they use to enter buildings and use services to also help manage their electric vehicle charging. Our software allows you to easily manage all aspects of your electric vehicle charging all in one place. Besides controlling access and costs you can control your carbon credits, as we are connected to the electric grid so we can adjust usage in real time to save money and reduce carbon emissions. Liberty access is the only solution that allows you to use your existing access control infrastructure to allow you and your employees to easily manage to charge electric vehicles at the workplace no matter what your situation.

Liberty's Hydra for electric vehicle charging for condos, apartments and commercial properties

Installing Liberty's Hydra system provides you with centralized monitoring and control of electric vehicle charging on your property. Liberty Access also provides proprietary keypad technology that enables access to the charging station with the 4-digit PIN code for long and short-term rentals.

How It Works

The HYDRA-R uses highly accurate meters and circuit control to measure usage and provide access control. HYDRA-R saves you money by turning quality, low cost non-network chargers into fully-featured “smart” chargers. And, all your data is password-protected, encrypted and easily accessible to authorized users via any Web browser and Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Liberty PlugIns stores data on servers meeting the strictest security standards. Liberty PlugIns systems meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.


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