Synchronous Code Generation (SCG)

"Synchronous Codes" is Liberty's patent pending technology that allows EV charge station owners to control access to their stations without having to join expensive and proprietary billing networks. Owners generate and issue Charge Authorization Codes which are entered into the keypad on "Liberty Enabled" EV charging stations and enables the operation for the proscribed time period. Each code is unique and cannot be reused once it has expired, protecting the charger owner and the consumer from potential fraud. Codes can be issued for periods ranging from several minutes to several months. Codes can also be issued by parking pay stations and mobile payment systems (Pay-By-Cell), thus forming the basis of a low cost revenue generation capability with no account service or transaction fees. Learn more about SCG.

Hydra R

Liberty has developed a new product line to address the unique requirements of work place, fleet and multi-tenant dwelling (MTD) EV charging. The Hydra centralizes the access control, data recording and communications into a single unit, thus permitting the use of less expensive Level 1 and Level 2 “dumb” chargers from almost any maker and giving owners real choice in EVSE chargers. Hydra transmits data using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and meets the OpenADR 2.0b standard to ensure future compatibility with advanced demand response (DR) systems being implemented by utilities and building control systems vendors worldwide. Learn more about the Hydra R.

Hydra S6

The parking areas of most multi-tenant dwellings (MTDs) use common area electricity. As a result, Home Owners Association (HOA) and MTD property managers need to record the amount of electricity used by tenants who install EV chargers in their assigned spaces. Hydra S-6 provides an economical and robust solution. Six revenue grade (.01kWh) meters are connected to the main processor box which transmits the usage data to the Liberty Access Technologies’ website every 15 minutes. This data is then accessed by property managers to create detailed billing reports for tenants. Alternately, LAT can provide this billing service for a nominal fee. Learn more about the Hydra S6.

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

Liberty is a member of the Open Charge Alliance, a global consortium of public and private electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure leaders that have come together to promote open standards through the adoption of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) which has been accepted as the protocol of choice in 50 countries and over 10,000 stations. The Open Charge Alliance continues to develop OCPP to guide open and flexible EV networks worldwide. Learn more about OCPP here.


OpenADR is an open global standard that enables electricity providers and system operators to automatically communicate demand response (DR) signals with each other and their customers using a common language over any existing IP-based communications network. OpenADR standardizes DR price and reliability messages that automates and simplifies customer DR participation and improves DR event results. Liberty’s Hydra product line complies with the latest OpenADR 2.0b specification. Learn more about OpenADR here.

Pay-By-Cell Charging

Mobile payments (i.e. using a smartphone or table to pay for goods and services) is the biggest change to consumer purchasing behavior since the rise of online shopping almost a decade ago. Liberty introduced the world’s first pay-by-cell (PBC) EV charging system in 2011 and have licensed our Synchronous Codes algorithm to the leading PBC operators in North America, thus permitting consumers to pay for and receive a charge authorization code without having to join a charging network or use a network token or “fob.” Learn more about Pay by Cell.

EV Data Share

EVs are beginning to enter fleet service in large numbers. This patent pending technology allows fleet owners to access EV-centric data from existing telematics services such as Nissan's Carwings, Toyota’s Entune, General Motor's Onstar, and Ford's Sync. Liberty is working across all major EV manufacturers to access, gather, sort, and merge EV-centric data with the recharging data gathered by Hydratm multi-space EVSE access control system to provide EV detailed reports on each vehicle's kWh usage, location, State of Charge, and related data such as vehicle diagnostics. Liberty will also enable fleet managers to share this merged data with third party fleet fueling and other fleet management systems vendors via a standard, open source, Internet protocol. This novel approach also reduces the need for costly telematics and logging hardware to be installed in each fleet EV.