Work Place Charging


Enables Businesses to Control EV Chargers

Liberty Provides Employers Cost Effective Alternatives To Private EV Charging Networks.

Employers and commercial property owners are adding EV charges as more and more employees purchase electric vehicles. While profitability is not the primary goal there is still a need to control access and record usage data, and many employers are uncomfortable with the prospect of requiring their EV driving employees to join a private charging network. Liberty has developed a range of solutions that meet the unique needs of workplace charging installations.

Hydra – The Complete Solution for Work Place Charging

Unlike "gas pump" style EV chargers, Hydra combines access control, data recording, communications and energy management components in a single cabinet that can control up to 10 low cost Level 1 and Level 2 EV chargers from almost any manufacturer. Advanced demand response features gives building managers the control need to manage total facility energy costs more effectively, and open communications standards means real choice in data service providers. Hydra also offers an unequaled range of access control and billing options, including support for credit cards, fleet fueling cards, Synchronous Codes, Pay-By-Cell and HID security cards.

Hydra S-6

For those applications where access control is not required, Hydra S-6 provides a low cost and flexible solution. The S-6 contains up to 6 revenue grade meters (expandable to a total of 24) that measure the energy usage of Level 2 EV chargers and transmits this data to the Internet where it can be used to generate usage and billing reports.

Synchronous Codes

"Liberty Enabled" EV Chargers featuring our Synchronous Codes technology enable employers to create charge authorization codes and issue them to employees and guests, who simply plug in their vehicle and enter the code on the keypad of the charger which activates the flow of electricity. No account fees or transaction fees to pay, and no membership key fobs to keep track of!

Billing Solutions

Both Hydra and Hydra S-6 transmit user ID and energy usage data to our server which can be used to create billing for employees and tenants, or you can have Liberty perform this for you. Additionally, Liberty’s Pay-By-Cell partners can collect charging fees, record usage and maximize utilization of the chargers without the company having to expend precious internal resources. All of this with no cost to the company….the system is paid for by the driver with a modest convenience fee.

The DOE Workplace Charging Challenge

Environmental and air quality experts at the Federal, State and Municipal level are turning to the fact that recognize that daily commuting by employees are a significant source of emissions. To highlight this new emphasis the United States Department of Energy launched the Workplace Charging Challenge in January of 2013. To date over 50 corporations, utilities and municipal power providers have become Partners in the Challenge.