Synchronous Code Control Module


Enables Businesses to Control EV Chargers

Non-Network Secure Access for Electric Vehicle Chargers

Liberty PlugIns has partnered with ClipperCreek, AeroVironment and other leading EVSE makers to offer our Synchronous Codes Control Module (SCCM) as an optional access control system for their equipment. Synchronous Codes can also be used as the basis for a revenue collection system with no account maintenance or transaction fees. Ask your distributor to make your charger "Liberty Enabled". Field upgrade kits are also available.

Charge authorization codes are generated using a time-based predictive algorithm. The algorithm runs on a small logic card that is installed in the charger along with a keypad for code entry. The charge authorization code is generated on the LPI server using a common clock signal (i.e. synchronous) with the EVSE cards. As long as the code is entered into the EVSE within the allowable time period, the code is recognized as “valid” and the charger is unlocked. Codes can also generated by parking payment kiosks and by mobile devices.