Pay by Cell


Liberty has partnered with the leading mobile payment providers in North America to enable pay-by-cell electric vehicle charging. Drivers are able to purchase Charge Authorization codes which they enter into the keypad on a Liberty Hydra system or an EV charger equipped with our Synchronous Codes Control Module. This sets the charging time and starts the flow of electricity. Drivers will love the ability to pay for EV charging without having to join a network or carry multiple key fobs, and owners will love the lack of monthly service or transaction fees!


Drivers and EV charge station owners love the simplicity of Pay-by-Cell. Owners set up their billing system with the PBC vendor and post signs letting their employees or customers know they have a mobile payment option. Drivers download the app and set up their account with their credit card and vehicle information. Since this information is now stored securely on the vendor’s server there is no sensitive payment information exposed when using the mobile payment system.

Using the system is just as easy. Drivers simply park in the space, plug in the EV, launch the app and enter the charger number. The payment is processed and the charge authorization code is displayed on their screen. They enter the number on the keypad and this starts the charging session. Charging stops when either the session time expires or the driver unplugs the vehicle. The system automatically resets and is ready for the next user.

The Alternative to Fee Driven Billing Systems

The real beauty of pay-by-cell is the lack of fees. There are no account setup, maintenance or transaction fees* to EV charging station owner, which helps keep the cost of EV charging low (drivers pay a modest convenience fee). Now employers, schools and hotels can use a neutral third party to manage the billing at no cost! And both charge station owners and customers will have full transparency with online usage and billing reports available at no extra charge.

*Normal credit card processing fees apply. A $6 per month per charger Code Security fee applies.