Multi Tenant Dwelling


These issues have been recognized and resolved by Liberty Access Technologies by not following a proprietary billing or subscriber based mode leading to lower costs and less complicated charging systems.

New Tenants, New Vehicles, New Challenges

Electric vehicles are the new “must have” item among a growing number of sophisticated and tech savvy apartment and condo dwellers.Property owners and managers recognize the need to add EV charging capacity in order to attract new EV owners and are frustrated with the lack of cost effective solutions. Liberty Access Technologies creates innovative access control systems for EV chargers feature open architectures, lower hardware and installation costs and modest communications and billing fees.

Hydra S-6

The Hydra S-6 is a robust and highly economical sub-metering system for tracking energy usage by tenants who have purchased electric vehicles and Level 2 chargers for their assigned parking spaces.Property owners install the wiring to individual parking spaces and the Hydra Control Box to the Internet. Energy usage is recorded and sent to the Liberty server where it can be used to create individual billing statements.

Hydra – A Comprehensive Solution

Similar to Hydra S-6, Hydra can control up to 10 Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, but also adds advanced access controland energy management features. Charge Authorization Codes can be assigned to tenants and guests can pay with credit card or mobile payments (Pay-By-Cell) to pay for their charge all on the same system. Advanced demand response features gives building managers the control need to manage total facility energy costs more effectively, and open communications standards means real choice in data service providers. Hydra can work with almost any charger which gives owners greater freedom to select the best products for a unique “look and feel” for their properties.

Synchronous Codes

“Liberty Enabled” EV Chargers featuring our Synchronous Codes technology enable property owners to create charge authorization codes and issue them to tenants and guests, who simply plug in their vehicle and enter the code on the keypad of the charger which activates the flow of electricity. No account fees or transaction fees to pay, and no membership key fobs to keep track of! Ideal for smaller properties and hotels.