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Secure Access, Open Standards and Non-Proprietary Solutions for EV Charging Infrastructure

Despite the large number of vendors offering electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, these products tend to fall into two basic categories: dumb and networked. Dumb chargers have no access control or data reporting capabilities and are intended primarily for residential use or for fleet vehicle recharging where access is strictly controlled. Networked chargers, on the other hand, are usually designed like traditional “gas pumps” with expensive and proprietary communications and billing hardware and are intended for deployment in public spaces as part of a for-profit charging network.

In contrast, Liberty Access Technologies (LAT) has developed a range of EV charging solutions that feature affordable access control, open network-open protocol communications and non-proprietary billing systems which dramatically reduce the cost of larger scale EV charging sites. This is especially important as employers, fleet managers and multi-tenant dwelling owners contemplate adding EV charging stations to meet the needs of their employees and tenants. Explore our Solutions.