Hydra S6

Product Features

Superior Investment Value

Hydra S-6 offers lower initial equipment costs, as well as far lower monthly costs for ongoing operation.

Room to Grow

The main processor bo holds 6 meters and each supplementary box can run an additional 24 meters.


Supports 240 volts, up to 100 amps continuous output.

Turn-Key Billing

Site Owners / Operators have the option of managing their own billing or Liberty Access Tech can manage directly

Open Architecture

Compatible with non-proprietary EVSE Units from most major manufacturers

Wireless Support

Recorded Data is retrievable through cellular modem as well as via ethernet

Revenue Grade

.01kWh accuracy meters utilized for accurate data recording at 15 min intervals

Detailed Reporting

Web Based interface providing instant access to detailed usage data by tenant, time, location, and kWh.

Accurate, Affordable, Scalable Recording For Tenant EV Charging

Hydra S-6 has been specifically developed as a robust and highly economical sub-metering system for tracking energy usage by tenants who have purchased electric vehicles and Level 2 chargers for their assigned parking spaces. Hydra S-6 is ideally suited for multi-tenant buildings, commercial properties, and mobile home parks.

Superior Flexibility

Creates a bill for each tenant, enabling billing and cost allocation on a per-tenant basis.

The Hydra S-6 system from Liberty Access Technologies provides sub-metering capabilities which allow you to measure and manage utility usage. With the S-6, you allocate costs and create individual bills for tenants, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications including multi-tenant buildings, apartments, and mobile home parks.

Detailed Recording and Reporting Energy Usage

Hydra S-6 Incorporates "revenue grade" (.01 accuracty) meters to precisely measure and report usage, time, location, and kWh for each unit. Reports provide exact usage details for each charging event. Additionally, reports use currect utility rate per kWh.

Superior Investment Value

Great for new construction or retro-fit market. Provides measurement, verification, and benchmarking for energy initiatives including LEED Energy and Atmosphere (EA), and Water Effeciency (WE) credits.

Room to Grow

The S-6 system can be used in new construction or retrofitted to existing buildings. The main processor box holds up to 6 meters, with each additional box capable of a further 24 meters. Multiple boxes can be connected to provide as many individual meters as needed.