Hydra R

Product Features

Superior Investment Value

HYDRA-R offers lower initial equipment costs, as well asfar lower monthly cost for ongoing operation.

Room to Grow

Supports 10 Grouped EVSE units (L1, L2, or combined)

L1 & L2 Power Support

120 volts, up to 15 amps continuous output.

240 volts, up to 50 amps continuous output.

Turn-Key Billing

Site Owners / Operators have the option of managing their own billing or Liberty Access Tech can manage directly

Open Architecture

Compatible with non-proprietary EVSE Units from most major manufacturers

Wireless Support

Recorded Data is retrievable through cellular modem as well as via ethernet

Revenue Grade

.01kWh accuracy meters utilized for accurate data recording at 15 min intervals

Proximity Card Access

HID Contactless Card (ISO 15693, 14443) compatible

Detailed Reporting

Web Based interface providing instant access to detailed usage data by tenant, time, location, and kWh.

Hydra™ R – Purpose Built for work place, Fleet EV and MTD Charging

Secure and authorized access control system, featuring energy usage data monitoring, recording and reporting.

Unlike “gas pump” EV chargers, Hydra provides business owners and property managers a cost effective way to provide EV charging to employees and tenants. The Hydra Control Module centralizes access control, data recording and communications, significantly reducing hardware costs as well as ongoing monthly data charges.

By directly controlling the power supplied to each charger, Hydra is able to work with almost any brand and gives owners true choice in EVSE hardware. Equally as important, Hydra can control a mix of Level 1 (110v) and Level 2 (240v) chargers, significantly reducing the need for expensive electrical system upgrades.

Level 1 EVSE

Simple Operation with Multiple Access Control Choices

Drivers connect their EV and then enter the charger number and Charge Authorization Code in the Hydra keypad which starts the session. Usage data is paired with the driver’s code and transmitted to the Liberty server every 15 minutes, where owners can view usage records and prepare billing statements. Hydra can support a variety of access control and billing methods, including credit card, fleet fueling cards and HID access badges.

Open Standards For Communications and Demand Response

Hydra uses the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) communication standard which enables owners and operators to select from a range of aftermarket service providers and ensures competitive pricing.

Hydra "R" monitors, records, transmits energy data for all authorized users

Incorporates "Revenue Grade" (.01 kWh accuracy meters to send usage data to Hydra R main board for storage. Collects consumption data every 15min based on User ID charging events for desired reporting periods.

Liberty is also a member of the OpenADR Alliance which was created to standardize, automate and simplify demand response (DR) to enable utilities to cost-effectively meet growing energy demand, and customers to control their energy future. Hydra complies with OpenADR 2.0b Profile Specification, thus ensuring our ability to help building managers to control their energy usage and meet future utility requirements for demand response.

Hydra R

Basic Installation and Set Up