Work Place Charging

Businesses of all sizes are installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers to help their employees (and themselves) reduce their carbon footprint. work place EV charging is the new imperative and Liberty has solutions that are scalable and cost effective, with a variety of access control and billing solutions designed to meet the needs of this unique charging environment.

Liberty Access Technologies Work Place Charging

Multi-Tenant Dwelling Charging

Property owners can provide EV charging services for current and prospective tenants without having to join a private charging network or install expensive submeter solutions. Liberty’s Hydra and MeterWerks products enable property managers to measure and record energy usage for each EV charger then use these to generate individual usage reports and billing.

Liberty Access Technologies Multi Tenant Dwelling Charging

Mobile Fleet Fueling Management

Liberty’s Mobile Fleet Fueling app replaces fueling cards for alt fuel vehicles such as EVs and CNG.

Current Fleet Fueling systems run on top of point-of-sale data acquisition networks. While these are available at most gas stations, they aren't likely to be present where electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) and compressed natural gas (CNG) pumps are located. Liberty is working with leaders in the industry develop and deploy a next gen system where smartphones act as the data input terminal.

Liberty Access Technologies Mobile Fleet Fueling

Pay by Cell

Mobile payment systems eliminate the need for proprietary, subscriber EV charging networks.

The biggest change to consumer behaviour over the next several years is the use of mobile devices to pay for goods and services, eliminating the need to carry cash or credit cards! Liberty has partnered with the leading mobile payment providers in North America to enable pay-by-cell EV charging. Drivers will love the ability to pay for EV charging and vehicle parking with their cellphones.

Liberty Access Technologies Multi Tenant Dwelling Charging